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Volkswagen Service and Repair High Point NCAlthough it will be a challenge for you to find a facility that offers the most advanced trouble shooting repair and service like we do there may be a need for you to use these limited services below. We are not by any means looking for “The Shopper” at our facility.  There are plenty of “Mechanics” in Greensboro that will gladly take you in at the “Cheapest” price in town. In the end you will get what you pay for. However, we would like to offer potential new customers a taste of our premium services if they have not had the chance to experience them yet.  Below you will find some offers for customers thinking of leaving their existing shop for a better future. With up to a 4 year, 50k mile warranty there is not ONE shop in the Triad area that matches us. Guaranteed.

If you are a Seinfeld fan, watch the videos below and enjoy*.

Dealership Price Adjusting

Lately, car manufacturers have developed a new marketing campaign in an effort to regain customers they once lost.  BMW is calling it service with value or something of that nature.  These manufacturers are claiming to be lower priced than an independent shop and offer a better service which usually turns out to be false in the long haul.

Here at Carmine’s Import Service we know how the manufacturers are and so do most of the customers.  In an effort to combat this bait and switch dealer technique we will offer a customer moving away from the dealer a price match plus up to 20% off a written estimate from a dealership servicing European vehicles. Restrictions may apply as with all offers like this so just give me a call to discuss.  The dealership must match our warranty policy and procedures. The whole point is to get your vehicle out of the dealership and into a service facility, whether it be ours or not, that takes care of the vehicle rather than recommending oil changes at 15k mile intervals which is just terrible for your car. It sounds great though? Doesn’t it? Oh wow! I don’t have to change my oil for a whole year!!!  Really, really, really bad idea.

Other “Competitor” Price Adjusting

We will only price match and in most cases beat a competitors written estimate if they meet the following criteria listed below:

+ Bosch Authorized Service Center
+ Minimum 3 Year, 50k mile Nationwide Warranty
+ ASE Master Certified Technician on Staff
+ Approved Quality Parts being used

Note: If you are taking your vehicle to a NON-Dealership facility and that shop is NOT an Authorized Service Center we will not price match at all. A shops estimate who is not Bosch certified cannot be taken into consideration for Price Matching. There are several shops in the Triad repairing these vehicles who do not have the proper training or equipment and diluting the market with ridiculous low prices who will not be taken seriously. Short term they sound great but the question to ask yourself is…..Will they be around to give you that warranty 5 years from now?

The video below is one of my personal favorites. Always know your car.

*Carmine’s Import Service has no affiliation with Seinfeld or any of the Seinfeld videos or trademarks. We are just fans.

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