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We have been an authorized Revo dealer since 2008 and Carmine has been a Revo installer for the Triad area since 2003. We have performed many Revo software tunes and can help you decide what it is you are looking for if you make an appointment and have a consultation.  All our Revo software flashes are done by appointment only. We also offer ECU unlock services for VW and Audi customers looking to upgrade their vehicle.  Although our main focus is the service and repair of VW and Audi cars we still enjoy and occasional performance modification and we can keep your car maintained so the performance modification has a lesser negative effect on the vehicle. Below is a little bit about Revo’s software engineering process and why they are the best at what they do. With a Revo product you will receive the industry best and most reliable tune available today. Period. Beware of other tuners offering more power with much less reliability. I have been tuning these cars for a long while and have yet to see a failure caused by a Stage One Revo flash. If you are new to performance tuning and would like to give your VW or Audi a little more “kick” give us a call. Expect gains up to 80 HP and over 80 lb/ft of torque.  If you own a BMW or Mercedes-Benz and are looking for a performance enhancement we can help with that too. Give us a call. We recommend DINAN performance products for BMW cars.

About Revo Technik

The engineering team at Revo pride themselves in producing the best software for your vehicle. Our engineers possess over 100 years combined experience in ECU software development, programming and performance car tuning. This depth of knowledge and experience allows our research and development to be conducted in-house. The combination of us using software tools that we have designed and created ourselves, the countless hours in software development and precise engine tuning means that our products are the most up-to-date, ahead of the competition and considered by many to be the most advanced and best tuning software available.

Below is a brief outline of the steps we go through to develop a performance tuning map on a new vehicle or new factory ECU upgrade before we release it to our dealers worldwide:

Step 1 – ECU Communication

A test car is obtained or a new factory ECU is purchased. Revo developed software tools are used to create communication protocols. These protocols allow the software engineers to read the ECU and create an ECU specific “profile”, locating maps and giving our in-house tuners access to the required areas with the ECU software.

Step 2 – Benchmark vehicle testing

The test car is Dyno’d and road tested in standard form. High speed data acquisition is used to monitor the vehicles sensor outputs and feedback to determine how the engine performs with a “stock” factory ECU.

Step 3 – Creation of ECU development programme

All the data acquired from the “stock” vehicle testing is analyzed and software limitations identified. A test file, allowing us to change the “stock” ECU setting, is created. The limitations are reviewed, and where necessary tuning tables are modified to maximize performance.

Tuning isn’t as simple as increasing load, boost pressure and timing. To create the most efficient and usable software, the tuning has to be much more in depth. A significant amount of time required to achieve the correct balance to create a more powerful and usable car. For example, if it is identified that a higher boost pressure can be run; then for this target to be achieved it involves our tuners reviewing numerous tables and lines of data, modifying both the directly and indirectly effected areas of the software map to achieve optimum results whilst retaining the ECU’s adaptive nature and safety features. Through this extensive work our tuners create the ultimate performance map. We assure that the modifications can be run safely without the risk of component failure. These improved settings allow the engine and components to work with each other to the best of their abilities but never exceeding their safe limits.

Step 4 – Programme Testing

Initial testing is run on the new ECU programme. Combining testing on the public roads and high speed testing at regional testing facilities, allows us to gather data on performance vs. fuel economy. As Revo software is used worldwide we continue the testing on varied fuel quality, from 95 ron to full race fuel.

Step 5 – Dyno Testing

Once initial testing and modifications are complete and the software is reaching its full potential on the road, Dyno testing is again carried out. Power, Torque output and delivery are monitored and logged. Any further modifications deemed necessary are carried out and the software is finalized.

Step 6 – Building in Adjustability

External factors can dramatically affect the performance of an engine. By adding further programming the software can be enhanced to include switching, building in adjustability, to take into account the external factors and minimize the affects. For example, timing will be adjusted depending on the grade of fuel and/or boost levels can be adjusted depending on the outside air temperature as this affects the air density. Once switching is programmed into the software, performance is again tested and settings optimized for each variation.

Step 7 – Lifestyle testing and Completion

Longer term road testing is carried out, monitoring ECU adaptation, real world fuel economy and overall drivability of the car. If approved the software is then installed on a 2nd and a 3rd test vehicle. If all tests are passed and verified then the final product is ready for release.

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