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Dealer Quality Mercedes Service at Affordable Prices

Posted on December 31, 2012 By ccupani

Sometimes, high-end luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz will require the hands of the dealership to fix a problem. But most of the time, taking your vehicle to a quality mechanic can produce the same results. The reason you might choose your private mechanic is because the price will probably be much more agreeable to your budget. That is, if you’re still concerned with such a thing as a budget. But getting your Mercedes the attention it needs without taking it back to the Mercedes dealer should be done with many factors considered.

Qualified Mechanics

Qualified mechanics is an assurance that any Mercedes owner will have when they take their car back to the dealership to get worked on. No other mechanic in the area should know more about your vehicle than the mechanics at a Mercedes service center. But you’ll be paying a pretty penny for that expertise. Many mechanics at Carmine’s Auto Imports are qualified to service your vehicle, and at an affordable price. What owners should look for is an ASE Certification posted in plain sight. This ensures that the quality of mechanic is on par with whoever would’ve been working at the Mercedes service center.


Perks will be a personal preference for most owners. One of the benefits of owning a luxury vehicle is that the dealership usually has some perks provided for its customers. Many dealerships offer nice loaner vehicles, in-store Wi-Fi, and even gourmet coffee. But chances are, most people can live without these things if the price elsewhere is reasonable enough. Look for a service center that has a level of customer service that rivals the Mercedes dealership. Whatever they charge, will most likely be cheaper and these perks will be icing on the cake.

Price matching

Probably the absolute best Mercedes Service Centers are the ones that understand how to be cost-effective. Just because you buy and drive a luxury car doesn’t mean you want to keep paying for the car over and over again. The Mercedes service centers that offer a price matching service should be the most popular among owners. The guarantee will probably only be for mechanics that strictly use original Mercedes parts for repairs. Features like this are quick ways to find the most affordable and efficient means for getting your Mercedes repairs done. Going straight to the Mercedes center may or may not be the easiest on your wallet.

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