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  • Todays Turbos Todays Shop

    You discover that there is a problem with your Turbocharger or Turbochargers. The shop recommends to replace the whole turbocharger instead of patching the problem. You don’t like that.  You want a patch.  You find a “another guy” to perform the cheap patch.  You are so happy. 12 months later the Turbos blow and damage

  • BMW Timing Chains and Getting Completely Off Topic

    They have haunted BMW for a long time.  This is nothing new but just a little bit different because special tools and knowledge are key.  The days of the “DIY” or Do-It-Yourself are over.  The days of making marks on your timing gears and putting everything back to the way it was is over. BMW

  • BMW Secondary Air Clogs, Codes and Problems

    If you own a 2002-2010 BMW 5 or 7 series or even some 3 series and X series you probably have already have experienced the problem.  Check engine light on.  Car runs fine. This is a problem that plagued the pre-owned BMW market for years now due to a poor design combined with lack of

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